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Concrete Ordering FAQ

Do you have questions about ordering concrete? No problem. Check out our frequently asked questions below for helpful guidance on placing your order. As always, feel free to contact our dispatchers with any additional questions you may have. We are here to help!

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Who do I call for concrete orders?

All concrete, pump, rock slinger, hydroseeding, and dumpster orders can be placed through our central dispatch at 865-453-4433.

What days are you open?

We are open Monday through Friday, with half-day Saturday openings by request.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards for orders not on a credit account. We can also make arrangements for cashiers checks or cash for prepayments. Personal checks are not accepted. Please refer to our credit application.

Will Blalock Ready Mix pour and finish my concrete?

Typically, we only supply the concrete and delivery for your projects. If you are pouring a slab, you will need someone else to place and finish the concrete for you. We will work with your concrete finisher to coordinate deliveries and any additives needed for the job.

What is slump?

Slump is how we measure the consistency of fresh concrete, expressed in the number of inches that a 12-inch-tall cone of concrete subsides or drops when the form is removed. Slump can be affected by numerous factors, including water content and chemical additives. We design most mixes on a 4-inch slump. We strongly suggest using additional admixtures if you want slumps over 5 inches for most mixes. Adding water to the mix to increase slump will negatively impact the strength and durability of your concrete.

What is the minimum load size I can order?

Depending on job specifications, the minimum size loads that we can deliver range from 1 to 3 cubic yards. Anything less than 6 yards (not including finish up loads) will incur a minimum load fee. Additional call backs after one finish load will also incur a fee.

What is a callback or finish up load?

A callback or finish up load is a final, partial load needed to complete an order. Often, the quantity of the callback is determined while pouring out one of the last few scheduled loads of the order. We allow one callback load per order without applying minimum load fees or additional charges.

What is spacing and unload time?

Unload time is the total time it takes to unload a truck. Generally, we allow 5 minutes of unload time per cubic yard in a load without applying additional fees. Spacing is the time between truck loading times. We try our best to accommodate everyone’s requested spacing times, but this can be affected by traffic and other factors outside of our control.

What are “will call”, “active”, and “work in” orders?

Will call orders have a place held in our schedule for delivery but require a final call to release the order for delivery. We will not ship the concrete until we hear back from you to confirm delivery. Active orders, also called “for sure” orders, have a firm delivery plan. Once your load time arrives, we will send the concrete without further confirmation. Work in orders are last-minute order requests that do not have a firm delivery time. Our dispatchers will try to work these orders into our schedule and contact you prior to delivery to confirm.

What is the difference between interior and exterior concrete (or broom and slick finishes)?

For slabs, our dispatchers will ask if it is an interior or exterior slab, or they may ask if it will have a broom or slick finish. Exterior slabs, which are typically broom finished, need air entrainment admixtures to improve durability for freezing and thawing. Interior slabs, however, do not need air entrainment. If the slab is getting a slick trowel finish, air entrainment can be harmful to the surface.

Can I add color to my concrete slab?

Absolutely. Please see our color chart.

What are the dimensions and weights on your trucks?

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