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Whether you are a homeowner looking for a DIY solution or a professional looking for a new supplier for your next project, we are here to help. Our dispatchers and customer service professionals can guide you through the entire process, from order placement to final delivery. We want to make your project a success.

Please review the New Customer information below to help us make your first order as simple as possible.

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Payment Terms

We strongly encourage new customers who plan to make multiple orders to establish a credit account with us. Our credit application is available here. We also allow payment up front by credit card prior to delivery. No personal checks or payments after delivery are accepted without a credit account. Please talk to our dispatchers for further details.

Concrete Resources

If you need some additional information regarding concrete safety or specific product information, please visit our concrete resources page. Still can’t find what you need? Our dispatchers will be happy to assist when you place your order.

Commercial Projects

For commercial projects, we offer custom quoting tailored to your job specifications and needs. This often involves both a review of plans and specifications by our sales staff as well as a jobsite review and inspection by our field professionals. For help commercial projects, please contact our sales department at 865-453-4433.

Material Now Customer Portal

For customers with accounts, we offer our Material Now customer portal and mobile app, which allows customers to access account balances, sign e-tickets, and monitor order and crew performance metrics. Access to Material Now is configured during the credit application process.

Your First Order

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to concrete ordering, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page. Our dispatchers will be happy to further explain the process once you call for your first order.

Jobsite Locations

We require lot number and development / subdivision name or 911 address for all deliveries. This information is critical for us to create a valid delivery ticket and sales record for all jobs. If you do not have this information, our dispatchers may ask for GPS coordinates to help locate your jobsite and confirm property ownership.

Jobsite Conditions

Our field service representatives are available to inspect your jobsite prior to deliveries to ensure driver safety and help prevent damage to your property. Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to provide safe ingress and egress for each pour location, and any costs associated with towing or recovering mired trucks will be billed to the customer. In addition, we require onsite washout areas for all ready mix and pump jobs. If you need help preparing your jobsite for deliveries, please let our dispatchers know.

Placing Your Order

Our dispatch office is open Monday-Friday, 6AM to 5PM. For an overview of our delivery terms of service, please click here.

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